Marc Houston Lifestyle & Interiors is a New York based boutique design consultancy providing a full range of bespoke creative and management services. Employing years of interior, lighting and furniture design experience with some of the industry’s leading tastemakers, Marc’s  invigorating aesthetic is a product of diverse cultural and artistic influences derived from life on both sides of the Atlantic.  Fueled by a global quest for inspiration, an entrenched passion for the constructed world and an unerring drive towards perfection, his intrepid, finely-tailored atmospheres evidence stylistic versatility, eclectic refinement and an adept hand. Drawing on a bevy of uniquely culled resources to meld historied elements with the best in custom and contemporary offerings, Marc delivers individualized, sophisticated composites of wit, luxe and lure where no detail is an afterthought and every punctuation is precise.

Having completed studies in art, business and design at both the University of Maryland and Chelsea College of Art and Design, Marc has worked for a number of esteemed New York, DC and London studios managing residential projects and contributing to a wide range of concepts in the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Malta. His work has appeared in Washington Home and Design and on